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A New, Affordable & Powerful Wireless Lens Control System: Tilta’s Nucleus Nano II

Tilta have recently released their newest remote FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) control system, the Nucleus Nano II. This new wireless follow focus system offers both freelancers and professionals in the film industry plenty of new and upgraded features from its predecessor, the Nucleus Nano. The upgraded version not only looks different with a brand new touch screen system integrated, but also includes some of the functionality that would normally be reserved for much higher tier priced remote FIZ hand units.


Tilta's original Nucleus Nano came onto the market as arguably one of the first affordable complete wireless follow focus units that allowed anyone from entry level users to professional filmmakers a budget friendly option to remotely control a cameras focus, iris and zoom. Although it was affordable, Tilta were clearly working out some of the kinks in this model, and with the release of the Nucleus Nano II, Tilta have taken a massive step up between versions. Some of the most notable differences with the new Nano II are the introduction of a new touch screen system, long-lasting internal battery (rechargeable via USB-C), high-torque motor, and its compatibility with numerous other Tilta products.

Touch Screen Control

The new touch screen menu is one of the biggest new additions to the upgraded Nano II. No longer will users have to scroll through a product manual to figure out buttons and settings, as Tilta have broken down their menu options into 3 simple pages that users can easily swipe between. The three menu pages include a Settings page, System page and Motor page. For a more detailed overview on how exactly to set these menus up with your system, Tilta have a very informative video that can be found here.

Upgraded Motors

Tilta have marketed their new Nano II motor design as having up to 5x more torque than the original Nucleus Nano. The more powerful motors should hopefully alleviate the issue some users were having with motor slippage - a problem that is more common on older lenses, which can have stiffer focus and iris rings. These upgraded motors are claimed to be more reliable than the previous models as well, as they feature a new high-efficiency cooling system and an auto-adjustable torque design.


The Nucleus Nano II is compatible with many other Tilta products, including the original Nano and Nucleus M, as well as products from other companies like the DJI Ronin and DJI R5. This is another bonus with the Nano II, as users who may already have purchased a previous Nucleus model would not need to upgrade their lens control motors to operate with the new Nucleus Nano II. The new Control Handle offered in Tilta's Nano II Control Handle Kit package is another addition that further improves the products versatility, and transforms not only the ergonomics of the Nano II, but also offers functionality when operating other compatible products like gimbals.

What's in the Box - (Basic Kit)

What's in the Box (Control Handle Kit)

  • 1 x Nucleus Nano II Hand Wheel Controller
  • 1 x 15*100mm Rod
  • 1 x Advanced Soft Carrying Case for Nucleus Nano II
  • 1 x Nucleus Nano II Motor Kit
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x USB-C Power Cable (30cm)
  • 1 x Photographic Lens Follow Focus Gear Ring
  • 1 x Tilta Rubber Rod Support
  • 1 x Nucleus Nano II Hand Wheel Controller
  • 2 x Nucleus Nano II Motor Kit
  • 1 x Nucleus Nano II Control Handle
  • 1 x 15mm Rod Holder to Dual 1/4"-20 Adapter
  • Tilta F970 Battery Plate V2
  • 1 x Tilta Rubber Rod Support
  • 1 x Photographic Lens Follow Focus Gear Ring
  • 2 x Aluminum Rod 15*150mm
  • 1 x USB-C Power Cable (30cm)
  • 2 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Advanced Soft Carrying Case for Nucleus Nano II
  • 1 x Tilta Accessory Mounting Bracket (1/4"-20 with Locating Pins)

Conclusions and Pricing

For content creators looking for an affordable FIZ unit, look no further - Tilta's Nucleus Nano II offers users a complete remote hand-unit that, in my opinion, no competitor can hold a candle to, when looking at pricing and functionality. The Nano II gives users all the benefits of a FIZ, without the insane price tag - at just $299 USD, users would be hard-pressed to find another FIZ for a similar price. Furthermore, users can rest easy knowing that it's fully compatible with other products from Tilta and other brands. Clearly Tilta have taken client feedback to heart, and released a product that addresses some of the issues found in the original Nucleus Nano as well. All things being said, for the price point, if you need a functioning remote focus unit, the Nano II will surely get the job done, and save you some money at the same time!

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Tilta Nucleus Nano II Basic Kit
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