A black and white image showing 35mm film negative highlighting the Sound Start frame.

MOTIONPICTUREMAKER.COM is a rapidly-expanding resource for the motion picture industry. It currently offers industry news and equipment reviews, information about film festivals and competitions around the world, including submission and event dates, venues and fees, and details about various funding incentives offered to the industry in the form of grants and tax credits. Although still in its infancy, it will expand to become a worldwide resource for those in the industry to reference frequently for information relevant to their productions, and the equipment they’re considering for various production scenarios.

We believe MOTIONPICTUREMAKER.COM will quickly become an invaluable resource for anyone involved in content creation for film, television or the internet, eventually providing hands-on training, workshops and tutorials for both the novice and professional. The mandate is information and education – provided in an effort to help the motion picture maker create better, more relevant content.

Want to help us, help you? Being entirely self-funded, any financial assistance offered to MPM in the way of membership fees and advertisements is very much appreciated. An annual MPM membership is only $25 CDN, and additional revenues are generated when our users click on advertisements – any revenue generated will help us continue to update the website with more information and reviews, ultimately helping our community.

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