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EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station

With the rise of climate change, environmentally friendly power solutions are becoming more and more popular as a possilble solution to curb the ever-evolving risks to our planet. Over the last decade the evolution in battery-powered technologies has taken huge strides, with the technology becoming more powerful and affordable.

In search of a versatile, eco-friendly power solution? Well look no further, EcoFlow has created a variety of battery powered portable power stations that are extremely impressive. The uses of the EcoFlow Delta Pro are virtually limitless. Whether its to power a small cabin, charge electronics while off the grid, or even to use in a professional setting like powering lights on film sets, EcoFlow's portable power stations can do it all. 

An EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station on a workshop table, surrounded by tools.
An image showing an EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station replacing a wall outlet in a workshop.




In terms of specifications, the EcoFlow Delta Pro sports a 3.6kWh capacity, that can be expanded all the way up to 25kWh by implementing multiple batteries, that can even be integrated directly with your home circuits via the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. With this in mind, the Delta Pro can power just about anything, ranging from heavy-duty appliances to small handheld devices.

One of the most impressive features of this power station is undoubtedly the charge time, with a full charge coming in at less than two hours. The caveat to this remarkable charge time is that users must implement three charing methods at once: a 1600W Solar Panel, a 1700W Smart Generator, and either a 240V Outlet, a Smart Home Panel or an EV Charger. Granted, this array of charging options won't be available to most people… but, the Delta Pro can impressively still be charged in under 3 hours with a normal 1800W wall outlet.

This does bring up another very cool feature of this portable power station, and that's the ability to use EV Charging Stations as a method of charging. With seemingly ever-increasing gas prices, EV's are becoming more and more popular; and with this increase in popularity comes many more EV Charging Stations, making fast charging stations more readily accessible.

An EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station on the tailgate of a pickup truck is being charged at an EV charging station.


Now lets talk about the design of the product itself. Once unboxed, the EcoFlow Delta looks almost like a high-tech piece of luggage. The unit can be lifted with the use of 2 rubber grips located on each side, but for enhanced portability an extendable handle with roller wheels allows the power station to be transported on flat surfaces with ease. Weighing in at around 100lbs, the power station is by no means lightweight, but most certainly makes up for this with its many features and effectiveness. Compared to similar products in the market the EcoFlow Delta does everything its competitors can, but with the addition of certain quality of life features and efficiency. In terms of output ports, the EcoFlow Delta Pro includes 5 AC Outlets, 4 USB-A ports (2 are fast charging ports), 2 USB-C Ports and 2 DC5521 ports. For inputs it includes 2 regular AC charging ports, a car charging input (EV Charger), 1 Anderson Port, and a Solar Charging Input.



An image of a man rolling an EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station, using the built-in wheels.


In terms of solar charging, the EcoFlow Delta Pro can be charged while completely off the grid with the use of solar panels. EcoFlow produces several of their own solar panel options, but users can also opt for other brands to charge the power station through the use of the Anderson port.


While starting out as a Kickstarter campaign, EcoFlow have entered the market of portable power stations with a bang. With a price tag of $3699 USD, many may not consider this cheap, but the uses are limitless and, with an eco-friendly method of powering your electronics, you can sleep well at night knowing your power solutions aren't burning fossil fuels.


An image showing an EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station and solar panel in a field of grass, outside a tent.



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