LG C3 OLED TV Discounts for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days in Canada

The LG OLED evo C3 4K Smart TV has been getting some stellar reviews, and we’re now seeing a good discount on Amazon Canada for their Prime Big Deal Days! We at like the LG OLED televisions at lot, not just because they look gorgeous, but they also make excellent client monitors. Big budget post facilities, indie post facilities, independent colorists and even editors have all been known to use these televisions in their workflow. Those with deeper pockets generally go with LG G3 OLED televisions, but the C3 is a close second, with many people choosing it for various reasons. The LG C3 televisions come in a variety of sizes, from 42″ all the way up to a massive 83″! Although, we prefer the smaller sizes for ease of use, and portability, we think they’re all an excellent choice for both on-set and post-production workflows!

So far, this Amazon Prime Big Deal only appears to be available in Canada. I’ve included links in the Gear List below for both the United States and the United Kingdom Amazon sites, but the LG C3 OLED televisions are listed as Currently Unavailable.

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LG OLED evo C3 4K Smart TV

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Rob Neilson began working in motion pictures over 30 years ago. His credits span numerous departments, currently working mainly as a colorist, editor and producer in Canada, in and around the Vancouver area.

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