Nunavut is a massive, sparsely populated territory of northern Canada, forming most of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Its islands have expanses of tundra, craggy mountains and remote villages, accessible only by plane or boat. It’s known for its indigenous Inuit people’s artwork, carvings and handmade clothing. Inuit art is displayed at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum in the capital, Iqaluit, on Baffin Island.

Nunavut Film, Television & Digital Media Incentives and Funding
Creative Content Development Fund
About the Creative Content Development Fund

The Creative Content Development Fund provides for the development of creative content in the screen-based media. This program has been established to:

  • To support the growth of a community of content creators in Nunavut
  • To assist Nunavut production companies to develop digital media content, particularly that
    which is interactive and convergent to existing television programming

A project may apply for up to three grants of $7,500 each.

Applicants applying for second and third grants under the fund must:

  1. have successfully completed the previous grant phase to the satisfaction of Nunavut Film
  2. must have demonstrated market interest in the project through third party funding from an arm’s
    length party active in the industry
Applicant Eligibility

Production Company

  • registered
  • majority owned by Nunavut residents
  • head office in Nunavut

Non-profit Production Company

  • registered
  • majority of its voting members reside in Nunavut
  • head office in Nunavut

Individual Producer

  • resident of Nunavut
  • be a producer with not less than one-year experience producing or be a new producer with demonstrated ability to complete the tasks
  • have demonstrated commitment to working professionally within the industry
Eligible Projects

Screen-based media projects in the early or later phases of drafting and design and preproduction are eligible. Applications for the development of projects intended for production in Nunavut will be given priority.

  • own 100% of the copyright to the project (or an option to adapt the underlying property and
    acquire copyright ownership – exceptions apply with respect to co-productions); and
  • own or have access to the respective digital media rights (by co-production agreement or license)
Nunavut Film Contribution

An initial advance of 75% will be paid upon execution of a Contribution agreement with Nunavut Film

A final advance of 25% will be paid upon receipt and acceptance of the following:

  • copy of the content created
  • final accounting of costs and the corresponding financing structure (Receipts may be
  • Economic Impact Report

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Nunavut Spend Incentive Program
About the Nunavut Spend Incentive Program

The Nunavut Spend Incentive Program is an initiative that awards production companies a rebate on
the total eligible costs for production goods and services purchased and consumed in Nunavut. Only
those eligible productions which spend more than $25,000 on goods and services consumed in
Nunavut are eligible to apply for a rebate.

This program has been founded to support the development of a strong film, television and digital media
industry while cultivating local production expertise and nurturing local talent.

An eligible applicant company may apply through one of the two streams, based on the ownership of the
company: Ownership and Control Indicators.

Spending Stream I with Majority Nunavut
orSpending Stream II with Equal or Minority
Nunavut ownership

When assessing Spending Stream I and Spending Stream II submissions and determining
ownership and control levels, Nunavut Film will consider the following:

  • who was directly responsible for the acquisition and development of the production?
  • who has been issued voting shares in the company and how many?
  • who is being identified in the production and on all marketing materials as a ‘Producer’?
  • who is a central decision maker in respect of the eligible production?
  • who has been granted control and approval(s) with respect to the eligible production and the
  • affairs of the applicant company, creatively/financially and otherwise?
  • who owns copyright to the completed production and at what percentages?
  • who controls distribution and exploitation rights, in Canada, in the USA and elsewhere in the world?
  • who has a right to a share of budgeted producer fees and overhead and at what percentages of the whole?
  • who is entitled to share in net profits and at what percentages?
  • who has the first right of negotiation to acquire or option sequels, prequels, subsequent cycles of series, digital media rights and other spin-offs from the eligible production?

Nunavut Film reserves the right to request a statutory declaration and/or letter of opinion (from the
applicant’s legal counsel) in circumstances where documentation, in the sole opinion of Nunavut Film,
warrants additional comfort and verification. The cost of preparation of a statutory declaration or legal
letter of opinion must be borne by the applicant.

Increased financial benefits may apply by the employment and training of additional key creative personnel who are resident in Nunavut and/or the completion of an Inuktut language version of the

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for a Nunavut Spend Incentive rebate, the applicant must:

  • be a production company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Territory of Nunavut or
    Canada whose primary activity is developing and producing film, television and/or digital
    media content;
  • be able to demonstrate that they own 100% of copyright in the eligible production, or first option
    to adapt the underlying property and acquire copyright ownership
  • be in good standing with the relevant Corporate Registry
  • with respect to Stream II applications for eligible productions with budgets exceeding $500,000 only: be able to provide written evidence that the applicant, or its affiliate, has
    entered into an agreement with a licensed Canadian broadcaster or bona fide distributor.
The Individual Producers

Each Producer named in the application must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • be an individual whose primary business activity to date has been developing, producing, marketing and exploiting film, television and/or digital media project(s); and
  • be an individual who:
    • is a central decision-maker at all levels in respect of the eligible production,
    • is directly responsible for the creative direction, financial control,
      completion, delivery and exploitation of the eligible production;
    • is contractually entitled to reasonable, verifiable and commensurate monetary
      participation in budgeted Producer fees and net profits,
    • is contractually entitled to receive on-screen credit as a Producer, Executive
      Producer, or Co-Producer and, ultimately, identified in the production as being a
      Producer, Executive Producer
  • At least one of the Individual Producers named in the application must be a resident of Nunavut.
  • An Individual Producer can be an Executive Producer, Producer, or a Co-Producer.
  • is in good standing with Nunavut Film.

In circumstances where individuals are contracted by the applicant company to work as CoProducers, Executive Producers, and/or Associate Producers, these additional producing executives
must be identified to Nunavut Film at the time of application. The applicant will be required to
provide Nunavut Film with copies of all agreements entered into with these individuals. A review
will be conducted to assess responsibilities, tasks, levels of control and, if applicable, levels of ownership. Nunavut Film must be able to verify that the qualifying individual producer(s) named in
the Stream I or Stream II applications retain tangible, substantive and beneficial levels of control and
ownership relative to the Nunavut Spend Incentive requested.

Eligible Projects

The following types of productions are eligible for rebate:

  • feature length films, including animation, documentary or docudrama, intended for
    release in commercial cinemas, DVD sales and rentals and download;
  • television programming intended for commercial broadcast, DVD sales and rentals and download
    including dramas, sitcoms, factual, variety, reality, lifestyle and animation for youth; and
  • digital media projects, including those convergent to a television program intended for cross
    platform digital media exploitation and/or download.

Nunavut Spend Incentive will support series production on the following basis:

  • Season One: 100% of the applicable rebate
  • Season Two: 80% of the applicable rebate
  • Season Three: 60% of the applicable rebate
  • Season Four: 40% of the applicable rebate
  • Season Five: 20% of the applicable rebate
  • Season Six: No Funding
Nunavut Film Contribution

Nunavut Film contribution will be paid in three sections, as follows:

  • 40% upon execution of a Contribution Agreement;
  • 40% upon receipt by Nunavut Film of a copy of a fully executed agreement entered into
    with a broadcaster or bona fide distributor; and verifiable commitments for full financing;
    or in the case of digital media projects a marketing plan and verifiable commitments for
    full financing.
  • 20% upon completion and delivery of the eligible production
    receipt and approval of an audited statement of total production costs and receipt of a completed
    Economic Impact Report

Any audit, review engagement report or statutory declaration must be accompanied by detailed
breakdown of actual eligible Nunavut costs.

The Contribution Agreement will include provisions that the completed production include an onscreen credit “Produced with the assistance of the Government of Nunavut and the Nunavut Film Development Corporation” (in a appropriate/proportionate size, position and prominence), and a “Shot on location in Nunavut, Canada” in the tail credits. Appropriate credit will also be required on all advertising, publicity and promotional materials.

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Short Film Fund
What is the Short Film Fund?

The Short Film Fund provides an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to participate in a
mentored program that will:

  • provide up to a maximum of $25,000, including the cost of mentoring services
  • provide mentoring from an established industry professional by planning milestone dates
    for project development, a budget and offer advice, expertise and support.
Applicant Eligibility

The applicant must:

  • be a resident of Nunavut
  • not have more than 60 minutes of on-screen credit
Project Eligibility

The project must:

  • have a finished running time of under 30 minutes
  • be of SD/HD broadcast quality (720 x 486 / 1920 x 1080)
  • applicant maintains copyright and creative and financial control over the project


  • any project that contains excessive language, violence or sexual exploitation
  • commissioned works
Inuktut Language Incentive

In addition, projects can receive additional funding under the Inuktut Language Incentive as follows:

  • Eligible for 5,000 if the production is created in Inuktut
  • Eligible for 2,500 if the production is versioned into Inuktut
  • Eligible for 1,000 if the project has no dialogue and credits are in Inuktut
  • Eligible for 1,500 if the project has no dialogue and the music track contains Inuktut lyrics
Nunavut Film Contribution

A recipient will receive a grant up to the maximum of $25,000 in two payments:

  • initial advance of 75% will be paid upon execution of a Contribution Agreement
  • final advance of 25% will be paid upon receipt and acceptance of the following:
    • copy of the content created
    • final accounting of costs and the corresponding financing structure
    • Economic Impact Report (form available online)
Nunavut Film Rights

Nunavut Film retains the right to non-commercially exhibit productions and will use best efforts to
notify the producer of any such screening prior to its occurrence.

Nunavut Film encourages the producer to develop a marketing plan with a target audience in
mind and to initiate activities that will generate audience interest.

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