Introducing The Viewsonic ColorPro VP2776 Video Editing Monitor

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Not long ago Viewsonic released its new ColorPro VP2776 monitor aimed towards professionals working in the arts.  This monitor offers creatives another option in the market for a highly color accurate and sharp display.  The new innovation with this monitor, which makes it very intriguing, is the integrated color calibrator.  Viewsonic has coined this new calibrator as the ColorPro Wheel, which allows for easy, fast and accurate color calibration for your monitor.  Not only does this device allow users to calibrate the colors and adjust contrast and brightness without going through the settings menus on the monitor itself, it can also open apps and be used as a toggle wheel to adjust settings within the apps, without requiring mouse or keyboard inputs.  

Now, when it comes to design and specifications, the ColorPro VP2776 showcases a conventional all-black look with thin bezels, helping to maximize display space. The monitor itself also comes equipped with a removable magnetic hood and built-in LED lighting on the back of the monitor that looks great, and has practical uses for lighting around your workstation. Spec-wise the ColorPro VP2776 is a 27-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1440.

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Compared to similar monitors, the VP2667 also boasts a decent refresh rate of 165 Hz and a typical grey-to-grey response time of 3 milliseconds. Where this display really stands out though, is in the color gamut with rankings of 99% in Adobe RGB and 98% in DCI-P3. In terms of ports, the VP2776 includes 1 USB Type-C and 2 USB Type-A connections, as well as 1 Micro USB connection for the ColorPro wheel. Additionally, it includes 2 HDMI ports and an additional DisplayPort connection.



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All-in-all Viewsonic has come up with another great looking and effective display for creatives.

In terms of price, the Viewsonic VP2776 retails for around $900 USD. While this is by no means a cheap option for a 2K monitor, for professional creatives looking to upgrade their setup with a highly accurate display, this monitor may be a great option for you.



*Buy the Viewsonic ColorPro VP2776 Video Editing Monitor in Canada at Lumio Marketplace.

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