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SHAPE Enters The Tripod Market With The SVT10K 75MM Bowl Fluid Head 3-Stage Video Tripod

As a Canadian brand producing filmmaking equipment, SHAPE has long been admired for their amazing handles and shoulder rigs… but, with the release of the SVT10K 3-Stage Video Tripod and Fluid Head, SHAPE have officially entered the tripod market. Aimed at the mid-tier market, the tripod itself is an affordable 3-stage tripod system with a 75mm bowl fluid head, offering steady support to filmmakers looking for an inexpensive fluid head tripod.

Shape advertises the SVT10K to support mid-range camera bodies, such as DSLR’s and relatively small camera bodies, yet it can handle fully rigged camera bodies with cages, matte boxes and batteries up to a maximum payload of 10 kilograms or 22 pounds.


In terms of specifications, the tripod features a tilt range of -70 degrees to + 90 degrees and panning rotation of a full 360 degrees. Common to most tripod systems, the SVT10K comes with a pan handle, integrated spirit level and a side lock system for a sliding quick release plate. The legs of the tripod itself are individually adjustable and come with a mid-level spreader to help with stability. It can reach a minimum height of just over 30 inches for those low angle shots, and has a maximum height of around 70 inches. The legs of the tripod feature aluminum spikes, that can be uncovered by simply rotating the rubber feet, and is a feature which can be useful on uneven or icy terrain. One interesting feature on this tripod, that I haven’t seen on many similar products, is the addition of 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounts included directly on the fluid head. With these connectors, many peripherals can be mounted directly onto the head itself, and allow for a lot of versatility on your camera setup.

An image showing a cine arm mounted to the SHAPE SVT10K 75MM Bowl Fluid Head.
An image showing the SHAPE SVT10K 75MM Bowl Fluid Head 3-Stage Video Tripod in use, with a full camera rig attached.

Now, lets talk about the fluid head. The head comes with a 500PLONG sliding quick release plate which has both 1/4″-20 and 3/8′-16 camera screws. As with all half-ball head tripods, the ability to quickly level the head without having to readjust the legs really is a dream – all you need to do is unscrew the bottom locking bolt, adjust the head until it is level, and you’re ready to shoot!

An image showing various attributes of the SHAPE SVT10K 75MM Bowl Fluid.

Key Features:

  • Camera Payload: 22 lbs (10 kg)
  • Tripod Weight: 8.8 lbs (4kg) 
  • 75mm Half Ball head for leveling
  • 3-Stage Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader
  • 500PLONG sliding Baseplate
  • Ball-head Rubber Feet with aluminum spikes inside
  • Integrated Bubble level
  • 30 to 70.5’’ Height Range
  • Padded Carrying Bag Included
An image showing the SHAPE SVT10K 75MM Bowl Fluid Head 3-Stage Video Tripod and accompanying bag.

There is a lot of competition out there for mid-level tripods in this price range, but it’s important for customers in the market for a new system to research and, if possible, test out as many tripods as possible, to see what will work best in different shooting situations. The SVT10K retails for around $375 USD.



*Buy the SHAPE SVT10K 75MM Bowl Fluid Head 3-Stage Video Tripod in Canada at Lumio Marketplace.

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