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Deity Moves Into Timecode With The TC-1 and TC-SL1 Wireless Timecode Generator & Slate

Deity released the first glimpse of their new Sidus audio ecosystem at NAB 2022, which includes a brand new TC-SL1 timecode slate and TC-1 timecode generator, or clock-it-box. The system itself allows wireless Bluetooth control of up to 200 feet. Deity have claimed the release of this slate as the world’s first smart slate.  The slate can sync through Bluetooth on their app, which is free to download, and allow users to wirelessly sync cameras with the TC-1 timecode generator and TC-SL1 clapper slate.  
A Deity TC-SL1 Timecode Slate product image.
A Deity TC-1 Timecode Generator product image, showing the front face LCD display.

What comes in the box?

People looking to purchase the TC-1 can buy a single unit package that includes the device itself, 1 locking TRS to TRS cable, 1 USB Type-A to USB-C cable and 1 cold shoe mount, or customers can opt for the 3 piece kit which basically just triples this package. The TC-1 single unit package retails at around $169 USD, while the 3PC Kit comes in at around $549 USD. The TC-SL1 slate retails for around $999 USD.


Over the years there hasn’t been a ton of innovation in the world of slates and timecode boxes. But with Deity producing a fully functional Bluetooth package, they are definitely trying to spice things up.  When looking at the features of the slate itself, most of them are pretty standard, but there are a few additions that are nice quality of life improvements compared to other slates in the market. For example, the display on the slate itself is dimmable, which is pretty standard with most timecode slates, but there is also a nice hand cutout on the back of the clapper sticks which is a great feature for practicality and comfort. Furthermore Deity have included dual NP-F battery bays, allowing you to run the slate for longer without having to worry about changing batteries all the time.

An image showing the bottom of the Deity TC-SL1 Timecode Slate.

With more and more cameras supporting SMPTE timecode in the market, acquiring audio devices like these can help alleviate all the hassle from syncing in post-production. If you’ve ever worked in post-production without having timecode jammed cameras, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Another great feature with the TC-1 is the versatile mounting options. Users can opt to use the cold-shoe mount or the already included Velcro on the back of the product and mount anywhere they need to on their cameras.


With the ability to use the Deity app to control all the settings on both the TC-1 and TC-SL1, Deity have released a new product in the audio world that is definitely worth checking out!

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