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The New SBAG Camera Bag From SHAPE

Introducing the new SHAPE SBAG Camera Bag! Camera people, and specifically camera assistants, will know that there is nothing better than a good ditty bag.  Many would agree that a ditty bag is essentially a natural extension of your on-set workflow. Having the ability to have all your tools, camera accessories and everything else you may need close at hand in a well organized and easily accessible bag can make a huge difference in your effectiveness on set. There’s nothing worse when your operator needs a tool quickly and you’re left digging through a messy or difficult to access bag while everybody on set waits for you.  

A hero image of the SHAPE SBAG Camera Bag.

Well, SHAPE have released their own on-set camera bag. This bag allows for a great deal of variations in setup and can adapt for uses as a camera coffin, fitting up to a 20″ long camera, as well as an on-set ditty bag with removable pouches to help sort your camera accessories and tools. The exterior of the bag sports a silent magnetic lid, dual zippered front pockets, a slate/flag pocket, a bottle pocket for canned air, and hook and loop surfaces for easy labelling. The interior of the bag is fully padded with 4 zippered lid pockets, LED light zipper pulls to help see your gear in darker conditions, and a removable rain cover. Basically, SHAPE took everything that a camera assistant would like to see in an on-set bag and put it all together in a single package so that you don’t have to run around getting specific customizations made to fit your style.


An open SHAPE SBAG Camera Bag, highlighting the lid pockets and LED light zipper pulls.

Personally, I am a big fan of magnetic seals in on-set bags. It’s a pet-peeve of mine when a camera bag makes too much noise. Camera assistants often have a lot of pressure on them to have equipment and tools ready at a moments notice. It’s such a bad feeling when you’re in the middle of a take on-set and you have to carefully open a Velcro pocket while attempting to make zero noise to grab something from your bag. Another feature that I am a big fan of with this bag is the 4 clear zipper pockets locked on the interior lid of the bag. Compared to having opaque pockets to put your cables and what-not inside, having clear pouches is another great quality-of-life addition that makes it easy to see what is in each pocket in a moments glance, without having to dig around for what your looking for.


Front and back images of the SHAPE SBAG Camera Bag.
Shape Camera Bag Specifications

SHAPE’s camera bag also uses the MOLLE system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), which was originally designed for military uses. Essentially, the MOLLE system allows for easy customization, as pouches can be added and removed with ease, and won’t slide around or fall off while being transported – this is a great feature in my opinion.

Shape Camera Bag Removable Pen Pouch
Shape Camera Bag Removable Cable Pouch

At this time, SHAPE’s camera bag retails for around $330 USD. If you’re in the market for an affordable camera bag that can fit a mid-sized camera body, has space for all of your tools and accessories, looks great, and functionally ticks all the boxes an AC would want in an on-set bag, then the SHAPE camera bag is made just for you.

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SHAPE SBAG Divider Kit

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